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About Us

Prominence Global is one of the world’s leading LinkedIn agencies supporting the world’s scaling entrepreneurs to become prominent and highly influential in their industry.

At Prominence Global, we believe real and meaningful change comes through the world’s entrepreneurs.

Our purpose is to help our clients achieve prominence and influence via a powerful online presence that accelerates the growth of their global footprint.

Working with Prominence Global can make a huge impact and will affect positive change in your industry, your business and the causes you hold dear.

Our Brand Values

Our brand values are how we operate as a company. Everything we do, say and our interactions with our team, clients, and suppliers boil down to this code of conduct:
  • WE ARE AUTHENTIC. We create intelligent strategies that cut through the noise. We do that by being authentic, courageous, and committed to making a difference.
  • WE ARE TRANSPARENT. More is learned from our mistakes than successes. Sharing both is our commitment to honesty and truth.
  • WE OPERATE WITH INTEGRITY. Ethics in marketing is in our DNA. We are not afraid to say ‘no’.
  • WE EMBRACE INNOVATION. We’re constantly curious about continuous improvement, growing ourselves, our team and the service we provide.
  • WE KEEP IT PERSONAL. We understand there is no cookie-cutter program that suits every business. We develop solutions that are as individual as our clients are.
  • WE MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE. We believe real and meaningful change comes through the world’s entrepreneurs. We create a powerful online presence for each client that accelerates the growth of their global footprint so that together we really can make a huge impact.

Through our Premium Partnership with the global giving movement, our goal is to impact the lives of 12 million people in need just by doing what we do every day.


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