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6 Monthly Payments of $299 AUD

Why Inner Circle SOLO?

We're glad you asked. Watch this short 2:20 video and find out why we believe our SOLO membership is the perfect solution for understanding and excelling on Linkedin during these challenging times.


What's Inside

At the heart of the Prominence Global Inner Circle SOLO Program are four uniquely designed core modules to drive massive results..

Your Profile

Learn how to build a professional-looking profile and connection plan that attracts leads 24/7/365.

Your Connections

Target and Connect to your future clients with our time-tested scripts that you can customize for maximum results. 

Your Content

We'll show you how to create compelling content and how to post it in the perfect mix for maximum results and visibility. 

Your Campaigns

Combine your winning profile and engaging content to create a LinkedIn marketing strategy that delivers.

But We Didn't Stop There...

We've added two additional features that will multiply your results 2X, 5X, 10X times, or more.

Online Training Events

Monthly you'll have access to our Online Training Events featuring Adam Houlahan and other business leaders.

Viral Content Strategy

Our members are experiencing 300% to 1,000% increases in views, likes, and comments on every post!

"Ron (Prominence Global North American Director) is truly a LinkedIn guru. He has forgotten more than most people will ever know. He can speak for hours on the subject of how to effectively use LinkedIn... and did recently on a webinar I attended. He didn't hold anything back. His advice and content were spot-on."

Scott Lippitt, MBA
Business Advisor and Marketing Consultant

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Our Promises to You

We take each of the following brand promises seriously and understand that we need to earn your trust daily.


We create intelligent strategies that cut through the noise. We do that by being authentic, courageous, and committed to making a difference.


More is learned from our mistakes than successes. Sharing both is our commitment to honesty and truth.


Ethics in marketing is in our DNA. We are not afraid to say ‘no’.


We’re constantly curious about continuous improvement, growing ourselves, our team and the service we provide.


We understand there is no cookie-cutter program that suits every business. We develop solutions that are as individual as our clients are.


We believe real and meaningful change comes through the world’s entrepreneurs. We create a powerful online presence for each client that accelerates the growth of their global footprint so that together we really can make a huge impact.

How Would You Rate Your Overall LinkedIn Skills And Results? Be Honest.

Our Inner Circle SOLO Program Is A Cohesive System Specifically Designed To Maximize Your LinkedIn Goals With Verifiable Results!


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